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Multicultural Teacher Educator Survey Informing Ourselves.
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Table 7: Scholars of influence as identified by participants (n=76) of the 2009 Multicultural Teacher Educator Survey, listed in order of the number of times they were identified

Item: Please list up to three scholars whose work has been particularly influential in your teaching of multicultural education courses.

26 James Banks
23 Sonia Nieto
18 Paulo Freire
18 Gloria Ladson-Billings
13 bell hooks
12 Christine Sleeter
6 Geneva Gay
6 Paul Gorski
6 Beverly Daniel Tatum
5 Lisa Delpit
4 Bill Ayers
4 Carl Grant
3 Henry Giroux
3 Tim Wise
2 Maurianne Adams
2 Cherry Banks
2 Jim Cummins
2 Rich Gibson
2 Donna Gollnick
2 Gary Howard
2 Jonathan Kozol
2 Jawanza Kunjufu
2 Enid Lee
2 Ruby Payne
2 Daniel Solorzano
2 Carter G. Woodson

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