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White Privilege and Anti-Racism

  • Behind Blue Eyes: Contemporary White Racial Politics: an essay by Howard Winant
  • The Center for the Study of White American Culture: "a multiracial organization that looks at whiteness and white American culture"
  • Color Blinded by Whiteness
  • Colorless All-Color: Notes on White Culture by Adam Cornford
  • Loose Women or Lost Women: The Re-emergence of the Myth of 'White Slavery' in Contemporary Discourses of 'Trafficking in Women' by Jo Doezema
  • Race Traitor Home Page: a journal aimed at dismantling the socially-constructed concept of "whiteness"
  • Race, Whiteness, and the Australian Context
  • Racial and Gender Identity in White Male Multicultural Educators: a dissertation by Paul Gorski
  • Tales from the Darkside: Negotiating Whiteness in School Arenas by Anoop Nayak
  • Teaching about Whiteness
  • What Does It Mean to Be White: Reflections of a Blue Eyed WASP by Elizabeth Lewis
  • What Should White People Do?
  • White Men in the United States by Warren Hedges
  • White Supremacy in the 1990s
  • Whitefolks: a site on race relations and white folks from the perspective of an African American
  • Whiteness Studies: Deconstructing (the) Race
  • Whites in Multicultural Education: Rethinking Our Role by Gary Howard
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