Multicultural Education Diversity Cultural Competence
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History and Social Studies

  • 75 Suffragists
  • 360degrees
  • 1492: An Ongoing Voyage
  • About-Face!
  • African American Holocaust
  • African-American Women--On-line Archival Exhibit
  • American Memory
  • American West: Multicultural Perspectives
  • American Women in Uniform
  • American Women's History: A Resource Guide
  • Anti-Slavery
  • Asian Nation: The Landscape of Asian America
  • Australia's Multicultural Society
  • Beyond Face Value: Depictions of Slavery in Confederate Currency
  • Bibliographies of Feminist Foremothers
  • Black Facts Online
  • Black Resistance: Slavery in the United States
  • Born in Slavery
  • Center for World Indigenous Studies
  • Civil War Women: Primary Sources on the Internet
  • Disability Social History Project
  • First Nations Histories
  • History and Politics Out Loud: a searchable archive of historic audio clips
  • History Matters
  • History of Feminism in the United States
  • History through Deaf Eyes
  • A More Perfect Union: Japanese-Americans and the Constitution
  • A Multicultural History of Australia
  • Multicultural History Society of Ontario
  • Multimedia Sites in Women's History
  • The National Women's History Project
  • Native American Documents Project
  • Native Americans in the U.S. Military
  • New Orleans Multicultural History
  • OAH Statement on Multicultural History Education
  • Pluralism and Unity
  • Powerful Days in Black and White
  • Primary Source
  • Smithsonian Natural History Web: African Voices
  • SoJust: a Social Justice History Project
  • Teaching History: Why Multiculturalism Is So Important
  • The Underground Railroad
  • What Did You Do in the War, Grandma?

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