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7 Key Characteristics of a
Multicultural Education Curriculum

by Paul C. Gorski for EdChange and the Multicultural Pavilion

  1. Delivery

    Delivery must acknowledge and address a diversity of learning styles while challenging dynamics of power and privilege in the classroom.

  2. Content

    Content must be complete and accurate, acknowledging the contributions and perspectives of ALL groups.

  3. Teaching and Learning Materials

    Teaching and learning materials must be diverse and critically examined for bias.

  4. Perspective

    Content must be presented from a variety of perspectives and angles in order to be accurate and complete.

  5. Critical Inclusivity

    Students must be engaged in the teaching and learning process—transcend the banking method and facilitate experiences in which students learn from each other's experiences and perspectives.

  6. Social and Civic Responsibility

    If we hope to prepare students to be active participants in an equitable democracy, we must educate them about social justice issues and model a sense of civic responsibility within the curriculum.

  7. Assessment

    Curriculum must be constantly assessed for completeness, accuracy and bias.

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