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MULTICULTURAL PAVILION Digital Divide and EdTech Search:

Digital Divide Fact (reload for new fact): by the end of 1998, 37 percent of the classrooms in schools with racial minority enrollments comprising 50 percent or more of the student body had Internet access, while 57 percent of those in schools with less that 6 percent minority enrollment did (NCES, 2000a)

Digital Divide Resources

Understanding the Digital Divide: from a multicultural education framework

The Digital Divide Reframed: model emerging from the above essay

Digital Divide: A 2000 Fact Sheet: data on diverse dimensions of the divide

Other Digital Divide Resources: links to resources and research

Multicultural E-Learning

Multicultural Education and the Internet: FREE resource guide on multicultural teaching

Multiculturality of the WWW: short commentary on educational uses of the Web

Multicultural Web Site Evaluation: paper on assessing Web sites multiculturally

Evaluation Checklist: diversity checklist for educational sites

Strategies for Online Networking: paths to diversity interaction online

Presentations and Workshops: outlines and notes on e-learning and the digital divide

FREE Internet Guide!

Free printable or downloadable guide to Multicultural Education and the Internet.

Internet Guide

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