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MULTICULTURAL PAVILION Digital Divide and EdTech Search:

Digital Divide Fact (reload for new fact): by 2000, people with physical disabilities were less than half as likely to have computer access at home as people without physical disabilities; 23.9 and 51.7 percent, respectively (Kaye, 2000)

Digital Divide Resources

Understanding the Digital Divide: from a multicultural education framework

The Digital Divide Reframed: model emerging from the above essay

Digital Divide: A 2000 Fact Sheet: data on diverse dimensions of the divide

Other Digital Divide Resources: links to resources and research

Multicultural E-Learning

Multicultural Education and the Internet: FREE resource guide on multicultural teaching

Multiculturality of the WWW: short commentary on educational uses of the Web

Multicultural Web Site Evaluation: paper on assessing Web sites multiculturally

Evaluation Checklist: diversity checklist for educational sites

Strategies for Online Networking: paths to diversity interaction online

Presentations and Workshops: outlines and notes on e-learning and the digital divide

FREE Internet Guide!

Free printable or downloadable guide to Multicultural Education and the Internet.

Internet Guide

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