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Join MCP (formerly MCPavilion), an email discussion forum on multicultural education. At last count (February 2005), over 700 participants from all over the world have congregated over the Internet to discuss issues of equity, social justice, and the transformation of schools and schooling.

The purpose of MCP (shorthand for "Multicultural Pavilion") is to facilitate dialogue and the exchange of resources among educators, students, and activists dedicated to multicultural education, educational equity, and social justice.

A few groundrules apply:

  • Messages must be relevant to multiculturalism and education. They may include general discussion and conversation, conference announcements, book/film/Web site reviews or release information, and anything else that contributes to a greater understanding of multicultural teaching and learning.
  • Messages will not be screened, but members using offensive or oppressive language can be unsubscribed by the maintainer without notice.
  • All perspectives are welcome and encouraged. Personal attacks of other participants are not.

MCP is loosely moderated. All messages that follow the above groundrules are sent through immediately. Messages that are not sent through generally fit into three categories: 1) unsubscription requests sent to the list address instead of the moderator's address, 2) blatant personal attacks, or 3) bulk mail and SPAM that have somehow found their way to the list address.

Subscribe or Manage Subscription (It's 100% Free!)

Subscription and unsubscription to the MCP discussion group are accomplished through a Web-based interace. You also may choose to subscribe to the digest function which will allow you to receive only one message each day containing the text from all messages sent that day. While this option helps keep your mailbox from becoming clutterred, it makes responding to individual messages more difficult.

To subscribe, unsubscribe, or manage your subscription, visit the MCP User's Page.


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