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Sexual Orientation Songs

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3e sexe(in French)
performed by Indochine
from the album 3 (Purchase from
about androgyny:

"Et on se prend la main
Et on se prend la main
Une fille au masculin
Un garçon au fèminin
Et eux ne valaient rien
Et eux ne valaient rien
Et on n'en a plus besoin
Et on n'en a plus besoin"
Everything Possible
performed by the Flirtations
from the album Three (Purchase from
about unconditional love:
"You can be anybody you want to be,
You can love whomever you will
You can travel any country where your heart leads
And know I will love you still"
performed by Erasure
from the album The Circus (Purchase from
about "coming out":
"Oh my father, why don't you talk to me anymore,
Oh my mother, do you still cry yourself to sleep?
Are you still proud of your little boy?"
Ho Ho Homophobia
performed by Romonovski and Phillips
from the album Brave Boys, the Best of Romanovsky and Phillips (Purchase from
about "how homophobia works:
"There was a boy, his mommas joy, she never did him harm
But when his mother took a lover, people were alarmed
She lost the right to hold him in her lovin arms
Sounds suspiciously like homophobia to me"
It's Alright
performed by the Indigo Girls
from the album Shaming of the Sun (Purchase from
about dealing with sexual orientation prejudice and hatred:
"And it's alright if you hate that way
Hate me cause i'm different
You hate me cause i'm gay
Truth of the matter come around one day
It's alright"
The Killing of Georgie
performed by Rod Stewart
from the album Downtown Train (Purchase from
about the persecution and killing of a gay man

La plus belle fois qu'on m'a dit je t'aime (in French)
performed by Francis Lalanne
from the album Master Series 1992 (Purchase from
about a heterosexual man working through discomfort to appreciate diversity in sexual orientation:

"A chacun son amour, c'est pas le mien
Voilà tout.
Aimer les filles ou les garçons
Aimer, c'est aimer de toute façon"
performed by Catie Curtis
from the album Truth from Lies (Purchase from
about a lesbian woman wanting to share her love for her partner, not to be a radical, but because she loves her:
"But I'm not being radical, when I kiss you
And I don't love you to make a point
It's the hollow of my heart, that cries when I miss you.
And it keeps me alive when we're apart"
performed by Billy Bragg
from the album Don't Try This At Home (Purchase from
"Sexuality, young and warm and wild and free
Sexuality, your laws do not apply to me
Sexuality, don't threaten me with misery
Sexuality, I demand equality"
Small Time Boy
performed by Bronksi Beat
from the album Age of Consent (Purchase from
about ay youth from a small town forced to run away from harrassment and gay bashing
"Pushed around and kicked around
Always a lonely boy
You were the one
That they'd talk about around town
As they put you down
And as hard as they would try
They'd hurt to make you cry
But you never cried to them
Just to your soul
No you never cried to them
Just to your soul"
Silent Legacy
performed by Melissa Etheridge
from the album Yes I Am (Purchase from
"Mothers tell your children
Be quick you must be strong
Life is full of wonder
Love is never wrong
Remember how they taught you
How much of it was fear
Refuse to hand it down
The legacy stops here."
Une femme avec une femme (available in French and Spanish)
performed by Mecano
from the album Descanso Dominical (Purchase from

Un garçon pas comme les autres (in French)
performed by Celine Dion
from the album Dion Chante Plamondon (Purchase from
about a woman in love with a gay man:

"Ziggy, il s'appelle Ziggy
Je suis folle de lui
C'est un garçon pas comme les autres
Mais moi je l'aime, c'est pas d'ma faute
Même si je sais
Qu'il ne m'aimera jamais"
Un homme ou une femme(in French)
performed by Axelle Red
from the album Sans Plus Attendre (Purchase from
about the unjust alienation of gay people by society:
Un homme ou une femme n'a pas tendance à aimer
Un homme ou une femme venant du sexe opposé
On voit et on juge
Et on n'a pas d'excuse
Ces hommes et ces femmes ont toujours existé"

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